The Ancient Paths is the television ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, Utah (a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.) The program airs every Wednesday night at 8:00pm MST on KTMW-TV20 (a channel that covers all of Utah and parts of the surrounding states).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ancient Paths - Episode 87: Speaking the Truth in Love (Part II)

This is the eighty-seventh episode of "The Ancient Paths" Christian television program, hosted by Pastor Jason Wallace. In this episode, Pastor Wallace concludes his discussion on how Christians should confront faithlessness and error. "The Ancient Paths" airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm on KTMW-TV20, a station that is available in Utah and parts of surrounding states. The program is sponsored by Christ Presbyterian Church in Magna, Utah. (Originally aired 12/9/09)

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Unknown said...

unfortunately I think the problem of secularization goes deeper than public school education. Here in Australia one third of children attend private schools - the overwhelming majority being run by either the Catholic Church or a Protestant denomination. This is a far bigger proportion than that of the US. If you hadn't noticed, Australia is far more secular than the US. So the problem is deeper than public vs Christian education. The parents need to take responsibility. No good being a good Baptist or Presbyterian if your primary concern is making as much money as you can whilst neglecting your children. This is primary problem. "The American/Australian dream" has become more sacrosanct than religion. In rich countries like ours the temptation to work hard and make lots of money trumps everything else it seems. You say that evolution and Darwin's survival of the fittest mentality is driving the decline in morals in society. But, equally, this often misused notion of the "Protestant work ethic" has also contributed. Where people feel that they are entitled to and indeed demand a good life above all other values. If this means selling out your religion, then so be it. So don't go blaming government for what good Christian parents should be doing in the home. If they had their priorities right, the problem wouldn't be as big as it is now. If conservative Southern Baptists and Presbyterians weren't so into money, money, money (the prosperity gospel) then there'd be more room for family.