The Ancient Paths is the television ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, Utah (a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.) The program airs every Wednesday night at 8:00pm MST on KTMW-TV20 (a channel that covers all of Utah and parts of the surrounding states).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Ancient Paths - Episode 9: Dispensationalism and the Rapture

This is the ninth episode of The Ancient Paths television program, hosted by Pastor Jason Wallace. In this episode Pastor Wallace discusses the Biblical perspective of the future and the end of time. The program airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm on KTMW-TV20, a station that is available in Utah and parts of surrounding states. The program is hosted by Christ Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City. This episode aired on 02/06/08.

1 comment:

forrest shalom said...


i am enjoying your broadcasts but i disagree with you concerning dispensationalism.

i think it helps to understand that God made 5 covenants with israel: one conditional and 4 unconditional.

the mosaic was conditional and of course the abrahamic, davidic,land, and new are unconditional and still in effect.

i agree with you however that there is no separate plan of salvation for non christian jews such as what robertson and hagee erroneously teach.

cheers and God bless,

forrest shalom